A-List and B-List Placement

At the beginning of each school year, each TTOC must elect to placed on the A-List or the B-List. The A List provides more opportunities for call out, but requires greater availability from the TOC. Conversely, the B-List provides less opportunities for call outs, but requires less availability.

A-List - Dispatches will be offered to qualified TTOCs on the A-List before being offered to TTOCs on the B-List. A-List TTOCs must work a minimum of 25 days each year to remain on the A-List the following year - otherwise they will be assigned to the B-List the following year.

B List - TTOCs are required to work a minimum of 5 days each year - otherwise they risk being removed from the employment of the School District.

Complete provisions of A List and B List placement are available in the GVTA/GVSD Letter of Understanding.