What has the GVTA been doing to resolve the ongoing issue around self-directed PD?

The GVTA has launched several grievances and we will be referring those grievances to the BCTF for arbitration. We have also met with the employer many times around this issue. The GVTA has stated numerous times to the employer that we are available and willing to resolve the issues around our Letter of Understanding – Professional Development Days. At this point in time the employer seems unwilling to resolve this issue.

What has the district threatened to do for January (and ongoing) PD days?

The district has provided notice that teachers who do not attend a district or school-based activity and are not on a self-directed activity approved by their principal, will be deemed not present at work and will not be paid for the day. The employer's position is that teachers will no longer have the option to pursue self-directed opportunities without prior approval from their principal.

What can teachers do to protect their autonomous choices this January, and beyond?

We are asking that at your first PD Committee meeting in January you pass a Motion of Support that reaffirms teachers' self-directed PD where it is permitted in the Letter of Understanding – Professional Development Days. We also ask that parallel motions be brought to your first Staff Committee meeting in January as a recommendation from the teaching staff to your administration. If your administration is unwilling to grant this recommendation from the teachers at your school, please let the GVTA know immediately.

What is the GVTA Professional Development Task Force?

The GVTA Executive created a task force for interested teachers who would like to discuss and take action while supporting their colleagues around ongoing self-directed PD autonomy. The GVTA will release any teacher for union business to attend this task force as needed.