Violence Prevention 

If you have been involved in a violent incident, or witnessed a violent incident, the following steps should be taken:

1. Seek medical aid/first aid if necessary
2. Fill out a Violent Incident Report Form
a. Fax a copy to the GVTA (250-595-0189)
b. Keep a copy for your records
c. Give original to principal
3. If you were injured as a result of this violence, fill out a WorksafeBC Worker's Report of Injury or Occupational Disease to Employer 6A
4. Inform your GVTA H&S rep at your school of the incident. They will ensure other processes are followed.
5. Contact the GVTA anytime in this process for assistance 250-595-0181

The Violence Prevention Protocol is mandated by WorkSafeBC. The GVTA was part of the working group that created the protocol. To view the Violence Prevention Protocol click here.