Local Staff Rep Assembly

The Local Staff Representative Assembly (LSRA) consists of the Executive Committee, and Staff Representatives elected by Association members in each school.  If you have any questions about the agenda or Robert's Rules of Order procedure for meetings, please contact the LSRA Co-Chairs:  TBD

The Local Staff Representative Assembly:

  • adopts policies and prescribes procedures for the attainment of the Objectives of the Association
  • provides advice to the Executive Committee and Standing Committees
  • brings forward issues of concern to the Executive Committee
  • reviews the finances of the Association
  • conveys decisions and information to members
  • makes recommendations to General membership Meetings

The LSRA meets monthly. Please check the Events Calendar for meeting dtaes and locations.

All GVTA members have the right to attend and speak at LSRA meetings. Only elected Staff Representatives and Executive Committee members may vote.

The agenda for coming LSRA meetings are sent to school Staff Representatives.

Minutes of LSRA meetings are found on Meeting Minutes page.