The following is a summary description of the governance structure of the GVTA. For complete descriptions refer to the GVTA Constitution

Constitution, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

The GVTA bylaws and policies establish the objectives and governance structures of the GVTA, and can only be amended by a General Meeting with a 75% majority.

The Policies and Procedures provide additional detail about the objectives and governance structures of the GVTA. The General Meeting and Staff Rep Assembly can establish or amend policies and procedures with a 50% majority. Less representative bodies (e.g., LSRA) cannot amend or contradict policies or procedures established by a more representative body (e.g., General Meeting).

General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting

The General Meeting (GM) is the sovereign body of the GVTA subject to the constitution, bylaws and policies of the association and to provisions concerning the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Policies established at a general meeting may only be changed or rescinded at a General Meeting. There must be at least two GMs per year; one must be the AGM.

Local Staff Representative Assembly

The Local Staff Representative Assembly (LSRA) consists of the Executive Committee and Staff Representatives elected by Association members in each school. Staff Representatives carry a number of votes proportional to the size of their teaching staff.

The LSRA usually meets once a month. Any GVTA member may attend and speak at a LSRA meeting.

Policies established at a Local Staff Representative Assembly may be changed or rescinded at a LSRA, a general meeting or at an annual general meeting.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) directs and supervise the business and conducts the affairs of the GVTA. The EC meets bi-monthly.

The members of the Executive Committee are elected at the AGM, these are:

  • President
  • First Vice President
  • Second Vice President
  • Secretary Treasurer
  • Members at Large (3 or 4 depending on presence of Past President)
  • Local Representatives to the BCTF Representative Assembly (3)
  • Past President (for one year, if applicable)
  • Contract Committee Chairperson
  • Professional Development Committee Chairperson
  • Social Justice Committee Chairperson

Current Members

Standing Committees

Several Standing Committees are established by the GVTA Constitution and Bylaws. These committees are responsible for conducting some of the affairs of the GVTA and to provide recommendations and advice to the Executive Committee. The members of these standing committees are elected by the general membership at the AGM.

Contract Committee

The Contract Committee researches and advises on all contract issues as determined by a survey of members. The Contract Committee investigates violations and seek enforcement of the contract in conjunction with the president.

Current Members

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is an advisory committee regarding professional development policies. The Professional Development Committee has the authority to disburse joint funds allocated for professional development.

Current Members

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee is an advisory committee regarding social policies and issues. It recommends social justice grant applications to the Executive. It supports Social Justice initiatives recommended by the BCTF, and supports Social Justice initiatives in the schools and the community

Current Members

Teachers on Call and New Teachers Committee

The TOC and New Teacher Committee is an advisory committee regarding TOC and New Teacher issues. It organizes TOC and New Teacher issues meetings, supports TOC and New Teacher initiatives recommended by the BCTF, and organizes the New Teacher Induction Ceremony.

Current Members