Collective Agreement

Current Working Document

2013 –2019 Provincial and Local Agreement (with restored language)

New Local Language

Increment Accrual

New Post & Fill / Staffing Language (effective Sept 2014)

Vacancy / Internal Reassignment Language (40 Days, Teacher-Librarians, Counselors)

Moving Due to Capital Project

Response Parent Complaint Process Language

Health Club Discount Agreement

 Memorandum of Agreement 2013 - 2019

SD61 stripped language

Provincial Collective Agreement

The current local collective agreement has not yet been signed off by the local parties. As such, a number of documents apply including: the previous agreement, the 2006-2011 provincial agreement and several local Letters of Agreement and Settlement awards. Where a provincial clause is inferior to a local clause, the superior clause prevails. For assistance in interpreting the agreement, please contact the staff representative at your school or the GVTA Contract Chair (595-0181).

Provincial Agreement 2013-2019

Local Letters of Agreement and Settlement Awards

Seniority Accrued during Summer School

Splitting and Recombining of Vacant Positions for Excess to Needs 

Increment Accrual Agreement - Local

Experience Accrual Agreement

Temporary Vacancies (Mid Year Top Up)

Committees Agreement

Middle School Hours of Work and Preparation Time

Aboriginal Equity Agreement

Diversity and Equity Agreement

Spring Break Agreement 2016/17

Inappropriate Descriptors (Job Postings)

Professional Development Letter of Agreement

Inclement Weather Protocol

TOC minimum pay in multiday assignment

TOC pay in nonsequential assignment

4 blocks in semester

BCeSIS Training

Team Leader Allowances

Contracting Out - BYTE CAMP

Construction Protocol 

District Program Staffing Practices

School Moving Agreement #2

Contract Committee

The GVTA Contract Committee researches and advises on all contract issues as determined by a survey of members. The Contract Committee investigates violations and seeks enforcement of the Collective Agreement in conjunction with the GVTA President.

Current Members of the Contract Committee