GVTA Annual General Meeting 
May 5, 2016


GVTA Service Award was presented to Ruth Charlish, Viva Moodley, Leonard Ross, William Scott, Debra Swain, Riina Thacker, in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the GVTA.  

The GVTA Lifetime Membership Award was presented to Debra Swain, in recognition of Debra's outstanding contribution to public education at the local level.  

Election Results:

President - Jason Gammon

First Vice President - Darren Companion

Second Vice President - David Futter 

Secretary Treasurer - Tara Ehrcke

Contract Committee Chair - Ross Gilbert

Professional Development Committee Chair - Ilda Turcotte

Social Justice Committee Co-Chairs - Cindy Graf and Katherine O'Connor

TTTOC and New Teacher Committee Chair - Daniel Mallet

Local Reps - Carolyn Howe, Jennifer McDonald, Winona Waldron

Members at Large - Matt Christie, Robin Tosczak, Peter Hunter

Contract Committee - Gregory Bamm Bamm Garost, Jane Jacek, Robin Tosczak (one vacancy remains on this committee)

Professional Development Committee - Carol Aileen, Cindy Graf, Kathy Inglis, Cindy Gordon, Viva Moodley

Social Justice Committee - 3 vacancies remian on this committee

TTOC and New Teacher Committee - Matt Christie, Tegan Ferguson, Sarah Harvey, Viva Moodley, Chris Clarke, Laura Barwin, Kate Moll (3 vacancies remain on this committee)

Health and Safety Committee - Celestina Azzoni (one vacancy remains on this committee)

Executive Committee Reports submitted to the AGM:

Acting President

Second Vice President

Contract Committee Chair

Social Justice Committee Chair

TTOC and New Teacher Committee Chair

Local Reps