GVTA Annual General Meeting 
May 5, 2016
SJ Willis Auditorium 



One of the functions of the AGM is to elect members to the Executive Committee and Standing Committees.  If you are a GVTA member and would like to be on the ballot for an EC and/or Standing Comittee position, please send a brief CV (200 words max.), to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Executive Positions up for Election are:

First Vice President
Second Vice President
Secretary Treasurer
Contract Committee Chair
Pro D Committee CHAIR
Social Justice Committee CHAIR
TTOC New Teacher Committee CHAIR
Local Representatives to the BCTF (3)
Member at Large Self Identifying as Aboriginal
Member at Large (2)

Positions up for election on the following Standing Committees:

Pro D Committee
Contract Committee
Social Justice Committee
TTOC New Teacher Committee
Health and Safety Committee

Members running for Executive and/or Standing Committee Positions:

Jennifer McDonald
Darren Companion
Tara Ehrcke
David Futter
Patrick Schreck
Jason Gammon
Daniel Mallet
Winona Waldron
Ilda Turcotte
Tegan Ferguson
Robin Tosczak
Cindy Graf
Carolyn Howe