GVTA Annual General Meeting

        Thursday May 8, 2014 at 4pm - SJ Willis Auditorium      




First item on the agenda will be the election of the 2014/15 Executive Committee and Standing Committees.  The Executive positions up for election are: 


First Vice President

2nd Vice President

Secretary Treasurer

Contract Committee Chair

Pro D Committee Chair

Social Justice Committee Chair

TTOC/NT Committee Chair

3 Local Reps

Member at Large self Identifying as Aboriginal

2 Members at Large (3 if no Member at Large self Id as Aboriginal) 

The Standing Committees are: Contract, Professional Develpment, Social Justice and TTOC/ New Teacher committees. 

Any GVTA member can run and all members get to vote. If you'd like to run for any of the Executive and/or Standing Committee positions, please submit your candidate statement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by May 5th.  And please use this Candidate Statement template to do so. You may also be nominated from the floor at the AGM. 

Candidate Statements: 

Benula Larsen

Patrick Schreck

Tara Ehrcke and Ross Gilbert

Jennifer McDonald

Tegan Soros

Lise Tetrault

Cindy Graf


Executive Committee

4:00 pm Wednesday 7 May - 6:00 pm Wednesday 7 May
The Executive Committee directs, supervises the business and conducts the affairs of the association.

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