Media Release

June 13, 2017            

 Mixed messaging and government stalling leave BC public schools in limbo

 Here in the capital city, teachers are frustrated with the snail like pace of implementation of the restored language. It has been seven months since the historic Supreme Court of Canada win, yet there is still uncertainty regarding September 2017 start up. "We want to see more effort on the part of trustees, senior administrators and in particular whomever forms government, to ensure that teachers, and their students, have all the contractually required supports in place for school start up", says Greater Victoria Teachers' Association President Jason Gammon.

The teachers' association has continually stressed the need for more space across the district, requesting that the school district open several closed schools. That request has fallen on deaf ears. The school district has stated that up to 12 portables will be in place by September. "Portables are a temporary, and costly, stop-gap measure to address the growing student population here in Victoria",  Gammon says.

 In recent months the BC Liberals stated that they intended on fully funding the supreme court ruling, but with a new government looming school districts are unsure of how much and when the needed funds will be available.

 "Ultimately, we expect that government and school districts across the province will fully fund and implement our Collective Agreement(s)".

For further information contact Jason Gammon, GVTA President, at 250-595-0181.